CIAL Foods & Mr.Alberto Kassis :

CIAL Foods’ history is tied to its CEO, Mr. Alberto Kassis Sabag whose tenacity is imprinted in each company milestone. He has struggled to position CIAL Foods as a market leader in Chile, and has succeeded.

The core of CIAL Foods is located in Belén, Palestine, where Don Alberto, Don Jorge and Doña Mercedes were born in the 30’s (and three of their children: Juan, Miguel and Mery). The Kassis Sabag family emmigrated to Chile, South America, advised by relatives of Don Jorge that already lived in the country.

Don Alberto -their fourth son- was born two months after their arrival. His elder brothers went into business when he was still a child: the textile market at first and after a while, the sausage/cold meat manufacturing.

At the age of 12 Don Alberto begins to work as helper of one of his brothers. Business went fine until 1962, year of an economic crisis in Chile. However, they overcame the crisis with effort and perseverance. In 1963, CIAL Foods starts as a small craftsman sausage factory.

Three years later the 3 brothers agree to separate and go their own way, preserving however the strong family bonds. Don Alberto stays in charge of CIAL Foods, and each brother gets in charge of other sausage manufacturing companies: JK and Germania.

Don Alberto describes this first period as a hard one: “We began as a small company with about 70 people in a refashioned house of Quinta Normal working around the clock, Mondays through Saturdays. This huge effort enabled us to get back on our feet” .

In 1974, on Miguel de Atero Steet, Quinta Normal, the new sausage manufacturing plant is inaugurated.

During the 70s, 80s and 90s the company was constantly modernized with new technology, thus beginning a vertiginous growth -in such way that it becomes an asset to the Chilean industry. The facts infuencing this extraordinary growth are present up to this date among the staff and workers of CIAL Foods: excellent client service, even top quality, competitive prices, good relationship with outside suppliers and an excellent working environment; thus resulting in vogorous, constant and perseverant people.


In 1994 Cecinas CIAL Foods is awarded with the “Best Technological Development” award presented by SOFOFA (Sociedad de Fomento Fabril). Later on that year Mr.Alberto Kassis is awarded with the “Diego Portales” award in recognition to his contribution to the development and progress of the country.

Don Alberto is also a member of the SOFOFA board of directors and president of de Sausage Industry Asociation, ANIC.

A Big Change

In 1997 Cecinas CIAL Foods moves into the most modern plant of South America, located at Pudahuel, Santiago setting a new milestone in the company’s history.
This is the third manufacturing plant of CIAL Foods. It triplicates the Miguel de Atero street plant size -which was not appropiate any more in spite of all the extensions added.

The spaciousness of the new plant could have resulted in Don Alberto’s estrangement from workers, but decided to keep a close contact with his people, he begins what is now a tradition: each day he strolls along the offices greeting the personnel, and once a week he visits the plant.

Finally, the last goal of Don Alberto`s capacity to embark on is the acquisition of La Preferida in January 2006, one of de most recongnized and prestigious brand in chilean processed meat products and food market. This means that Cial alimentos is now consolidated as the unquestionable leader in Chilean industry

CIAL Foods will continue to grow, leading the sausage market, delivering top quality products manufactured under the most strict standards of excellence, and keeping strong bonds with consumers -which result in their preference for CIAL products.